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The New York Times Company has owned and published Wordle since 2022, a web-based word game designed and developed by Welsh software programmer Josh Wardle. Players are given six chances to guess a five-letter word, with colored tiles showing when letters match or occupy the correct location providing feedback for each guess. The game’s mechanics are essentially identical to those of Jotto, a 1955 pen-and-paper game, and the television game show Lingo. Every day, Wordle has a single answer, and all players try to guess the same word.

It’s only a game of words. However, it is extremely popular: according to The New York Times, over 300,000 people play it every day. That popularity may appear perplexing, but there are a few small details that have caused everyone to go insane over it.

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How to Play Wordle: A Beginner’s Guide with Tips and Tricks

12/01/2022 · The objective of Wordle is to figure out a 5-letter word puzzle using clues about which letters are in the word and where in the word they appear. The daily Wordle puzzle is a 5 by 6 grid of squares. Once you …

Wordle Answer Finder –

How To Play Wordle The aim of Wordle is to guess the correct five-letter word, so to begin, simply enter any five-letter word and look at… After entering your first word, the individual letters will be color-coded. Green means the letter and position of the… Continue guessing five-letter words, …

Wordle Solver – Word Cheats

13/04/2022 · The words above are two of the best starting words to use in Wordle due to how often the letters appear in their specific list of words used in the game. There are 2309 words in answer list and of those , E appears in 1229 , A appears in 974 , R appears in 896 , O appears in 752 , and T appears in 728 .

Today’s Wordle Answer: All Words For 2022 (Updated Daily)

03/01/2022 · Wordle is a simple word-guessing game that tasks players with solving a five-word puzzle using letter position clues.Wordle presents the player with four rows of five empty boxes. Simply enter a random five-letter and the website highlights certain letters green if they are correct, yellow if they are correct but in the wrong spot, or grey if they are not in the at all.

Wordle Solver – Get Help With Today’s Wordle | WordFinder®

08/04/2022 · As you might expect (and hope), our Wordle solver can help you with all of the Wordle-like games as well. Yes, none of these games use the exact same words as Wordle each day. However, each game’s list shares a vast majority of valid . Using our solver will allow you to accurately narrow down your options like a true master.

Wordle Tips: The Best Start Words to Keep Your Streak …

10/04/2022 · Use weird words “You aren’t playing Wordle correctly if you use the same word to start every day. That’s my official rule and I’m flabbergasted y’all use the same word each day. What? Use weird .

150 Best Words to Start Wordle | POPSUGAR Tech

03/02/2022 · Step aside, Words With Friends; there’s a new game in town. The aptly named Wordle is perfect for word-lovers old and young and has risen to popularity in the past few weeks. The game is simple …

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31/03/2022 · How to hack Wordle: Find out tomorrow’s Wordle word. The final way of cheating at Wordle is much more insidious. Are you ready for the …

Best and Worst Wordle Words | Taylor’s Blog

01/02/2021 · In this post, let’s look at the best and worst words to start with in Wordle. The Strategy Obviously some first guesses are better than others. Friends on Twitter or Facebook have recommended like audio or rinse, since those contain very common letters. That makes sense – it’s helpful to use that yield a lot of yellow or green letters.

Wordle 308 April 23: Wordle word hints and today’s answer …

23/04/2022 · The Wordle for April 23 is OLIVE. Wordle New York Times The game was created by software engineer, Josh Wardle, who recently announced he had sold the popular word game to the New York Times.


FAQ – How Wordle Words

How do I play?

What are the rules of the game? The concept behind Wordle is straightforward: You’ll have six chances to guess the five-letter word of the day. Enter a guess word, and the game will tell you which letters are in the word and which aren’t. The goal is to guess the secret word as few times as possible.

How can I get started with Wordle?

Wordle: How to Play
To access the Wordle web app, go to your home screen and click the Wordle web app shortcut.
The ruleset box in Wordle appears.
A blank 5 x 6 grid appears on the screen.
Enter any 5-letter common word on your keyboard and press Enter.
The entire row is highlighted green if you guess the correct word.

What is an example of Wordle?

“STARE,” “TEARS,” “NOTES,” “RESIN,” “STORE,” “RIOTS,” “STAIN,” and “SNORE” are all suitable Wordle starter words.

Is Wordle a website or an app?

I’m looking for a place where I can play Wordle. Wordle is presently only available on the game’s official website. That information can be found here. Despite the game’s popularity, Wardle has previously said that it will not be made into an app for iOS or Android phones.

What’s the best place to look for Wordle?

Wordle’s location can be found here. The game is available online at, but there is no official app to download. You can play on a mobile device or on a computer.

What’s the big deal about Wordle?

Wordless popularity developed swiftly for a reason. Games like Wordle, according to David Baur-Ray, an expert in the psychology of user experiences, activate dopamine receptors in our brain. “Our brain loops that chemical in repeated contact points,” he continues, “making a player more attracted to the game.”

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